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Easter Roast Blockage

To all our customers – we hope you had a happy Easter.

We know that it has been tough as lock down restrictions have continued to prevent us all from seeing loved ones and celebrating the Easter Weekend in the same manner that we have in the past.

However, from our experience, the residents of Glasgow are very adaptable and tough and we have seen that with many ingenious garden set ups that have allowed families in the city to have some form of Easter Roast.

But for one family in the North of Glasgow, the Lamb Roast turned into a bit of a nightmare.
We always advise people to not pour hot fat down their drain. The fat will quickly cool and solidify which surprise surprise can cause a drain to block.

So on Sunday, the family had the legally allowed guests in their garden and while the weather was very cold – it was thankfully dry.

When the Lamb was ready however, the customer poured the fat down the drain and got on with enjoying the rest of their day.

That evening however when it came to doing the dishes, the water in the sink would not drain.

While a lot of the time, this can be fixed with a simple plunge, the ‘unique’ set up of the homes drainage system (it was an old Victorian Sandstone property) meant that the blockage managed to form further down the drain pipe and required a bit more than just a plunger.

So the customer called JSL Drainage. They found us online through a google search, read the many reviews that we have on the likes of Facebook, Google and recommended trade directories such as CheckaTrade and decided that as a local drainage company, they should give us a call.

We promptly arrived on time and got to work unblocking the drain.

The customer in Milngavie was very impressed at the communication we had. From how our phone service is handled to how they were booked in to a set time slot. Even the text communication to confirm we were on our way was a welcome surprise.

While some plumbers and drainage contractors will quote a set price from a sheet guide, we like to give customised quotes for everything we do and we only begin work when the customer has approved the cost.

That way the customer has peace of mind knowing what they need to pay for the job in advance and we can focus on doing the job properly.

All in all, it may not have been the most exciting blocked drain emergency but it was still a problem that a customer needed to get fixed and fix it we did.

On to the next job!

Another day – another blocked shower

While many of us love a bath. The shower is a more used method of daily cleaning. And understandably, that means it is more at risk of getting blocked.

With every shower you take, you wash away loose strands of hair that would otherwise have fallen out naturally or been brushed out. While the pressure of a full bathtub of water rushing down the drain hole can help quickly remove this; the slower trickle of water that flows down a shower drain can make it easier for loose hair to catch and collect around the drain hole. If you don’t clean this out regularly then it can lead to blockages.
This of course seems obvious. But what a lot of homeowners in Glasgow DON’T KNOW is that while this can be easily fixed, it can help to create secondary blockages further down the drain pipe. The slow water trickle that is created by loose hair strands can make it harder to keep the drain clear further down the pipe. Far enough away in fact that a plunger simply can’t generate enough pressure to fix it.

blocked shower and bath tub drains

And that is exactly what happened with a customer in the West End of Glasgow this week.

They had been noticing a slow draining of shower water and had just assumed it was the loose hair that had built up around the drain hole. But when they removed it – the problem didn’t go away.

And there is only so long anyone can tolerate having a shower while standing in a cold pool of dirty water.

Enter JSL Drainage. We turned up (as we always do) on time and quickly got to work. A CCTV drain inspection found that there was in fact a blockage further down the drain pipe which we easily removed using out pressure jet cleaner. It cleared out the drain and we did a couple of tests to make sure that it hadn’t simply been pushed along a bit and then reformed.

Another customer done and another blocked shower drain fixed.

Driveway Gravel

When a house is over one hundred years old (as is the case for many of the sandstone homes in Glasgow), there will always be some unexpected surprises hidden away behind the walls, under the floors and in the garden.

Why do we say that? Well because with any old house, it will have gone through multiple renovations, updates and changes. Not every home owner is as careful as you would want them to be with dealing with these renovations. We have dealt with drainage and plumbing issues on so many old houses where the owner simply did not know that there was once a shower drain under the floor here or a toilet drain over there. And in todays case – an external drain in the driveway. The owner of a home in the North of Glasgow was getting ready for Spring and talking in some gardening. One of their ‘Garden Spring Clean’ objectives was to remove some old rocks and a gravel driveway/front garden so that they could lay down some grass. While they were moving some of the slabs, they heard a loud ‘splosh’ followed by what they described as the sound of rain as they came across a drain cover that had been buried over by a previous owner. Without knowing it, they had lifted one of the sides of the drain cover off and allowed a healthy does of gravel to slip down the drain pipe and block it.

While they tried their best to remove the blockage, too much of it had managed to slip too far down the drain pipe to reach and they needed to call a drainage company.

driveway drainage blocked by stones

Enter JSL. We have worked with this particular customer before fixing a new down pipe for their home so they knew they could call us with confidence. We duly turned up when we said we would and after carrying out an inspection, got to work clearing the drain. We were able to create a ‘catch point’ further down the drain pipe using another access point and then blast the stone gravel in that direction before removing it all. And then for good measure, give the drain pipe another blast just to make sure that everything had been cleared. Considering the amount of gravel that we had collected – it was a good thing that they had called us immediately. This would have definitely caused a blockage at some point but would have been a lot harder to clear without excavating the entire drain pipe in the driveway.
How do we know that? From experience. We have been fixing blocked drains in Glasgow since 2006 and have seen more than our fair share of blockages.

If you have a blocked drain and need an expert drain repair contractor to fix it, call the leading independent drainage company in Glasgow – JSL – today.

When disaster strikes

For any drainage company, there are a lot of days spent stuck dealing with some unpleasant blockages.  But most of the time it works out.

However….it is not always the case.

We were in Kilwinning the other day and as we cut into a drain pipe to fix a blockage (it was the only way), the pipe opened up and we got covered (and unfortunately we do mean covered) in some very nasty yellow liquid that had built up in the drain for the last week.

We won’t go into too much more detail but it was grim.

leaking drain pipe

However that is part and parcel of the job.  Drains are designed to remove waste water and all sorts of other liquids from our homes. When they become blocked, it is important to deal withe drain blockage quickly not just to ensure you have a functioning drainage system again but to prevent the build up of nasty biohazards.

If your drain system has started to show signs that it is blocking, call the professionals today.


Tree roots cause havoc with drainage system

As you would expect from a drainage company, we get a lot of calls from new customers anxiously asking whether or not we fix blocked drains (the clue is in our name).

Yes we do. And we happen to be very good at it.

This week, we were called out to a customers home who has suffered from what can only be described as an infestation of tree roots and other plant life root systems.

drain blocked by tree root

The drain, which runs under a driveway in the home on the South side was blocked fro the various root systems so we had to dig a large trench down to access the pipe before removing a section of the damaged old drain pipe and replace it with new piping.

On so many of the older homes in and around Glasgow, the drainage pipes were laid decades ago. So small trees and shrubs were not really a concern. Fast forward the better part of a century (sometimes longer) and some of the oldest trees in Glasgow have understandably managed to wrap themselves around the drain pipes.

We do this kind of drain repair a lot and are very good at it. If you have suffered from a blocked drain caused by tree roots, call the professionals today.

When your son and daughter fight it can lead to a blocked drain

Kids don’t always like to share their toys.  Especially with their brother or sister.

And that it transpired with this recent job caused a blocked toilet of disastrous consequences.

It all started in a new build home in Hyndland.  Two kids bored during lock down restrictions were fighting over a toy they both wanted to play with.  It led to a fight before the son decided that the best thing to do was flush it down the toilet and not tell anyone.  The problem was that he also forgot about this.  So not long after, that same boy went to the toilet for what is commonly known as ‘A number 2’.

He tried to flush the toilet but instead of the poo flushing away – it got closer.  So, as a young kid who doesn’t understand the engineering behind how a toilet works, he tried again.  And again.  And again.

And this is where we come in.  We were called the the West End address from the mother who had discovered her son splashing about in the bathroom with poo floating on the floor.

We managed to clear the blocked toy and clean up the mess.

And the son has learnt a valuable lesson.  Pick a better hiding place for your toys when your sister wants to play with them (only joking.  Don’t flush anything down a toilet that isn’t a number 1,  a number 2 or toilet paper).

Clearing a drain leading to a septic tank

This week we were out fixing a drainage issue that lead to a septic tank.

A septic tank, if you didn’t know is a chamber buried underground where wastewater flows into.

The problem was that the drain pipe leading to the septic tank had become obstructed. That is to say, it wasn’t completely blocked but it was not operating as it should.

Armed with our vast range of drainage equipment, we cleared the drain leading to the septic tank and moved on to the next job.

A wee drainage tip

Blocked drains are very often clogged full of greasy, slimy left overs that have been poured down the kitchen sink and drained away from the bathroom plug hole.

A great tip for maintaining your homes drains are to keep them maintained and ‘cleaned’.

We are not talking about getting a soapy sponge and actually cleaning the drain pipe.  We are talking about some simple steps to help maintain the drain and make it less likely that it will clog.

And an easy tip for keeping your drains clear is simply hot water and salt.

If you have boiled too much hot water in your kettle when making a mid day cup of tea, simply mix the left over boiling water with some salt and pour it down the drain.  Rather than simply letting the water cool down, put it to use.

While it may not fix all your drainage problems, this simply little step can help keep the build up of grease and slime on the inside of your drains under control.

As/when/if your drains to become clogged, then call the local drainage company you can trust.


Home Schooling Begins (again)

Across Glasgow, home schooling has once again begun because, as it is law, we are all being told to stay at home unless we simply cannot work from home.


And because we can’t fix your blocked drains from our home, we are still on the go around Glasgow fixing blocked drains.  But for so many who are now working at home AND having to try and teach their children with home schooling, there is going to be a whole new wave of stress.

But the purpose of this post is to remind you all that with everyone working from home, your drainage system is going to be under even more strain.

On a previous week day in the pre pandemic era, a home would have been used for waling up, morning shower, breakfast and then out the door until close to tea.  Now, it is morning showers, breakfast, toilet breaks, snack time, lunch time, afternoon break, evening snack, dinner and then bed.  It may not sound like a huge difference but it increases the amount of things getting flushed down the toilet poured down the sink and washed away from the bath tub.

And all it takes is a bundle of loose hair strands to create a blockage.  Extra bits of lunch time food being washed down the kitchen sink and of course the ever classic wet wipe getting flushed down the toilet.

So remember to treat your drains with respect.  Occasionally pouring hot water mixed with salt down your drain wouldn’t be a bad thing.  It can help dislodge bits that could more easily cause blockages if left unchecked.


But as/when/if you do suffer a drain blockage, there is one drainage company in Glasgow you can count on. JSL Drainage.  We are just a phone call away and deliver one of the very best drainage services in the city.

Call now to book a time slot that fits your schedule and get your drainage system working again.

Loosing your hair because of the pandemic

It may sound a bit over the top but hair loss is not reserved just for older gentlemen.  Stress can lead to severe hair loss in individuals of all ages.

In fact, hair loss is actually a common thing for all humans.  We loose on average between 50 and 100 strands of hair per day (and that’s on a good day).  While hair loss is not normally something that you have to worry about, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is right up there with major causes of stress right now.

In fact, while Glasgow has been in tier 4 for quite some time, now that all of mainland Scotland has gone back into lockdown in January, it is causing more and more of us stress.


And stress means hair loss.  So when you have a shower either at the beginning of the day or at the end of the day, so many of those loose hair strands are going to get washed away.  The reason we bring this up is that the more hair that goes down your drain pipe, the more likely it is that it will cause a blockage.

So while we know there are a lot of things to think about right now, if you believe that you are suffering from hairloss because of stress, ensure that you use a mesh barrier over the plug for your shower or bath.  In the exact same way that you use a strainer in your kitchen sink to stop big chunks of food getting blocked in the drain, you should do the exact same thing for your bathroom drain pipe to ensure it doesn’t get blocked.

Because if it does, then you may just have to give your local drainage company a call to get it fixed.

For more information on hair loss, check out the NHS website with the link below:

blocked shower and bath tub drains because of hair loss

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