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An underground lake

You don’t expect to find an underground lake beneath the floor of your home but that is exactly what we were called out to at the beginning of the month.

A Doctors Surgery in Glasgow had found a lake of water under the floor.  Who are you going to call in this situation….why Glasgows local drainage company of course.

New Years Resolutions

So many of us start the year with New Years resolutions to drink less, eat less, get more exercise and so on.


And usually by this time in the month, so many of us have let our good intentions slip.

So if you are one of them and are a bit down in the dumps about it – we have a new suggested New Years resolution that you can take up in its place.

Don’t flush wet wipes and sanitary products down the toilet.  Use a hair catcher in the bath or shower drain to catch your long loose hair and don’t pour grains of rice, other grains, cereal bits, cooking fats etc down the kitchen sink.

By following these simple rules, you can have a New Years resolution that you can more easily stick to AND you won’t have to call on a drainage company to fix your blocked drain.

It may seem daft that we are recommending you do things to NOT get a blocked drain but that is part of our nature.

We are a local and independent drainage company and that means we are real people that you are dealing with.  We don’t have a stringent 100 point check list of things to see if we can squeeze you out of more money – we just have a simple process….offer a quality service at a fair price and make sure we fix the problem!


It is little wonder that this recipe has seen us grown over the years as more and more of our customers save our number in their phones knowing they will never need to search the internet for another blocked drain specialist again.

So we hope that helps.  Keep to your new New Years Resolution and hopefully we won’t be seeing you anytime soon.

Welcome to 2020

For all of our customers, we hope you had a lovely New Year and Festive break.


We know that a few of you have a stressful time with blocked drain issues but we hope that you only had to suffer briefly thanks to our drainage team and the work we did for you.


We may not be a 24/7 365 day drainage company in Glasgow but we were still working over most of the Festive period before getting stuck in with the traditional ‘too much to eat’ on the big day.

Common reasons for blocked drains such as meat fat being poured down the kitchen sink did of course keep us busy but so many of our calls outs over the Winter Break were for cracked drainage pipes caused by freezing conditions and simple blockages from more common items like sanitary towels.


Anyway, 2019 is done and dusted and we just wanted to assure our customers that in 202, we will be growing and strengthening our range of drainage services so that we can offer our customers even more.


Stay tuned.

Using thermal imaging to find the burst pipe

We were called up by an existing customer of JSL in the West End of Glasgow.

They have used us before for the installation of a new boiler and the re-positioning of a sink in their bathroom. So they were well aware of our capabilities.

This time though, the called us because they had a burst pipe and needed our help.

We turned up within the allotted time slot that they had booked us in for and quickly got to work investigating the problem.

The client new that they had a burst pip because when they had lifted an access hatch to under the ground floor of their home to add a mouse trap, they found a pool of water from the drainage pipe.

The problem was – where was the burst pipe and how had it burst in the first place.

In days gone by, this would have been a tiring process but thanks to modern technology, we were able to use our thermal imaging camera to trace the drain pipes under the floor and locate what turned out to be a blockage.
It transpired that the drain pipe had blocked and the added weight/build up in the pipe behind it had caused the pipe to burst.

Because we were able to find it using our thermal camera, we didn’t have to lift up flood boards all over the house and we didn’t have to cut away at sections to check if they were blocked or not.

THe actual burst pip section was easy to find and we easily removed and replaced this. We then ran a jet blaster down the pipe to completely remove the blockage before running a couple of tests to ensure that it did not come back.

At JSL Drainage, we guarantee all of our work and parts. So the West End customer can feel safe in the knowedge that should the blockage return or the pipe break again within a certain period of time – they can call us up to fix it for free – no questions asked.

Just another reason why JSL Drainage are one of the leading drainage companies in Glasgow.

We used

The root of the problem

We were in Bearsden recently because a customer had noticed that their homes drains were getting slower ie. the water was draining down the plug hole very slowly.

On investigation, they discovered that waste water was bubbling our from a gully trap in the garden.

Clearly this was a drainage problem.  So what did they do?  They called in the professionals.

They called our call center team and booked in a time slot that fitted with their schedule.

We arrived at the property at the agreed time and began investigating the problem.  When we lifted the gully trap chamber to inspect things in more detail, we found this…..

tree root blocking drain

A significant plant root system had found its way into the drainage system and blocked the drain.

It wasn’t a simple lifting out of the roots either.  We have to clear the drains with the pressure jetting machine to ensure that all the roots were properly removed.

We have worked in drain repairs for a long time but we must admit – this was an impressive root system.

While the summer may be over, you may have noticed your home drainage system is not draining away the water quickly enough.  If so, maybe you have a root system problem as well.

Call JSL Drainage today to investigate.

Winter is Coming!!!

Yes we may have been rewatching some Game of Thrones episodes but it is a factual statement.

Winter is indeed coming and with it, comes dead leaves from trees blocking drains.  With it comes Roast dinners with the grease fat blocking your kitchen sink drains and with it comes more indoor activities and therefore more demand on your homes drainage.

When it comes to blocked drains, we know that winter is one of our busier seasons so if you want to prepare for winter the best way then call on JSL Drainage to flush your drain pipes and clear away any potential blockages that may already be forming.

Working in the heavy rain

While so many blocked drains can be fixed through access to the drain pipe inside the home, an equal number of blocked drains have to be accessed from outdoors.

This can be great in the summer because during the summer sun, we get to work on what we love in the Scottish sunshine.

But while we get to work in the summer sunshine, we also have to work in the winter winds, the rain, the sleet, the snow and whatever else the weather in Glasgow can throw at us.

And if you live in Glasgow, you will know that the weather in the last couple of weeks has been anything but lovely.

Yet when a customer in the West End got a blocked drain and called JSL, it wasn’t like we were going to say no.  That is not how you become one of Glasgow’s leading drainage companies.

So we booked the customer in for a time slot that worked with his schedule and as usual, we turned up exactly when we said we would.  An initial inspection of the blocked drain highlighted that it was being caused by an issue further down the drainage pipe.  We had to access and excavate in the back garden to access the drain pipe which had been blocked through a combination of gravel and other ‘bits and pieces’ that probably shouldn’t have been flushed down the toilet.

The blockage was removed and we conducted some tests to ensure that the drain was flowing freely once again.

No matter the weather and no matter where you are in Glasgow, we can be at your home fixing your blocked drain before you know it.

Call us today on 0141 406 1658

Building work that blocked the drain

For many, the dream of expanding their home, adding a new ‘wing’ or turning the old dis-used back end of the house and turning it into a new wonderful area that can make their home that extra bit more special is one of the biggest investments they will make outside of buying a home in the first place.


And while we have all heard stories of building projects that go wrong, there are obviously a lot that go right as well.


And last week, we were on site at a customer in the West End of Glasgow’s home to fix a blocked drain that had flooded their driveway and the ground floor of their home.

The beautiful home had been upgraded last year with a new extension and renovation of the back end of the house.  It had been a big project where the back of the house had literally been taking back to its outer sandstone walls.

The building project had been a success though and the customers were delighted.  However what nobody thought of was that all the builders dust, rubble and concrete dust had been brushed down the drain.  So what happened was that the cement powder mixed into a past, hardened and formed a solid barrier that completely blocked the drain pipe.

So when the heavy rain that has hit Glasgow for the past week or so hit, the water had nowhere to go.  It quickly filled up the remainder of the drain pipe before beginning to flood the driveway and then build up so much that it actually started to flood into the front door of the home.


The West End customer was obviously quite worried when the water began flooding into their home.  They found us on google and we quickly dispatched our drainage team.  We added a couple of sand bags at the front door to help block of the water before inspecting the problem.


We tried the usual jet blasting, pocking and prodding but with no luck.  We used thermal imaging and CCTV camera and eventually found the blockage.

On this occasion, we had to remove some of the monoblock stones of the driveway to access the drain pipe.  When we removed the blocked drain section, we saw the concrete blockage and through a chat with the Glasgow home owner, managed to put two and two together.

We replaced the pipe section with a new piece, replaced the monoblock bricks and began the clean up process.

Thankfully though some quick action taken by the home owner, the interior of the house was not too badly affected and will dry out in time.  The water  drain pipe in the garden now drains away easily though with the forecast for more rain in the next week or so, it make be a while before the garden stops being a bog!


If you have an emergency flood because of a blocked drain – call in the blocked drain professionals in Glasgow.

With heavy rains come blocked drains

The summer months can be a bit quieter for JSL Drainage.  After all, when the rain is not falling, there is less outdoor drainage and with people being on summer holidays, there are simply less people in Glasgow during July/August to call us out for blocked drains.


Not that we are complaining of course.


But now that schools have started back, the heavens have opened again.  There is some form of mysterious force that works with blocked drains.  When it rains heavily, blocked drains become common place.


So if your kids have just started back at school and all of a sudden the heavens have opened and the drains refuse to get rid of all the water, you can call in JSL Drainage for reliable, honest and recommended drainage work across Glasgow.

A misplaced toy digger

Mum, have you seen my toy digger?


That was the question posed to the boys Mum but despite searching high and low, the toy digger was not found.  Where did you last see it was the next question – I was playing with it in the garden.   So the search continued in the garden.  But again, it couldn’t be found.


The mysterious case of the missing digger was not solved and the family moved on.  But then a couple of days later, the thunder and heavy rain hit Glasgow and all of a sudden, the garden was flooded and the water was not draining away.


The drain had blocked.  And to make matters worse, the kitchen sink drain was now not draining away.  The home owner had a blocked garden drain AND a blocked kitchen drain.


This was the time to call in the professional blocked drain company.


Enter JSL Drainage.  We arrived at the time slot agreed upon and began inspecting the issue.

It didn’t take long before we identified the problem and the mystery of the missing digger was solved.


It turned out that the young boy, while playing in the back garden of the West End of Glasgow homes garden during the heat wave had ‘parked’ the digger in an imaginery construction pipe which we as adults know as the drain pipe.  It managed to fall down the pipe and partially drain away in the main drainage pipe for the home.  It was at this point that it got stuff and began collecting other obstacles so that when the heavy rain hit, the drain was well and truly blocked.  And because it was the main drain pipe that got blocked, it affected the garden drain and the house drain (which led to the kitchen sink).  So to the boys delight, we had to dig out his digger from the pipe because blasting it would not have worked.


It was a happy ending in a way.  We unblocked the drain and the boy got his favourite digger back.  Which he could park next to the new replacement digger toy that his Mum had bought him after not being able to find the first one.


So if you have a blocked drain because your child have put their favourite toy down the drain pipe, call in Glasgow’s drainage company with the 5 star reviews and customer service – JSL Drainage.

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  • Jim came round at very short notice when a blocked pipe was backing water in to my washing machine, sorted the problem quickly and efficiently. Came back the next day and pressure jetted the drains to make sure everything was clear. Great service, highly recommended.
  • Excellent service from JSL. We are a letting agency and always find JSL to be trustworthy and thorough when attending clients' properties.
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  • I want thank you and your team for all your help with my drainage problem. You and your team’s expertise and attention to detail is outstanding and I would have no hesitation recommending your services. You came out as soon as I called and your initial investigation confirmed that there was potentially a bigger problem hiding somewhere. Where most would have given up, you and your team, in the worse conditions, investigated further to see what the root cause of the problem may be. After many hours of persistence the problem arose which you removed leaving my drainage in the best condition it has ever been. What you found would have cause substantial damage in the future so thank you for taking the time on making sure this job was fully completed to your very high standards. Thank you again,

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